Sohar Aluminium’s Corporate Citizenship has been creating business value by caring for the well-being of all stakeholders including the environment.

Since Sohar Aluminium’s establishment, a strong commitment has been made to developing strong ties and support networks in the Al Batinah region. It engages with key stakeholders on a regular basis in a variety of ways to identify social issues that it can support in addressing them and mitigating their risks. Sohar Aluminium has a well-established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework which is guided by the CSR Committee that reports

to the CEO of OQ Group. The committee comprising of the CEO, CFO, Communications Manager and CSR Superintendent (Secretary of the Committee) of Sohar Aluminium, offers strategic guidance in identifying the

vulnerable population, target activities and events, budgeting and organising the community engagement.

Sohar Aluminium engages with its various stakeholders in a variety of ways and through various channels. This will provide a warmer image of the business that stakeholders will be more eager to engage with. All actions in the community aim the highest visibility and increase the pride to be a Sohar Aluminium team member.


Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

It is the mission of Sohar Aluminium to bring wealth, prosperity and growth to the Al Batinah region through excellence and ownership and this is vital for us to pursue sustainable business operations. Sohar Aluminium regularly

engages with the community to identify their essential needs and address them in the best possible way. The Board of Directors endeavours to allocate appropriate investments for CSR and make a commitment to set an independent budget for CSR activities. This commitment is one of the key drivers for Sohar Aluminium’s high investment in its CSR programmes. The annual budget allocated directly by the Board of Directors is equal to

1.5% of shareholders distributions (no less than US$1 million and not exceeding US$3 million annually).

Sohar Aluminium’s CSR projects have focused on six main priorities, being:

• Jusoor Projects.

• Sustainable Projects.

• Education.

• Social Contribution and Voluntary Projects.

• Environment, Health and Safety.

• Gulf Aluminium Council & OQ Group Initiatives.

A significant portion of community investment funds are allocated to the Jusoor Foundation, a collaborative CSR organisation established jointly by Sohar Aluminium, Vale and Orpic to address common social development opportunities in Oman, particularly in the Al Batinah region.

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