Sohar Aluminium is a state-of-the-art primary aluminium smelter with a dedicated 1,000 MP Power Plant. Our vision is to “Be the Best” in our industry through our world-class standards in safety, health and a minimised environmental footprint. At Sohar Aluminium, we are proud to have achieved more than 70% Omanisation. We consider our people our most valuable asset and are looking for talented individuals who strive for excellence to join our team.

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Latest Job vacancies


Job Reference No.  SA-006/2017


Quality Strategy and Value Creation


Business Improvement Senior Engineer

Job Purpose

  • To apply specialized skills to deliver Moderate Level Projects at Departmental Levels.
  • To provide Training / Coaching on various Complex BI Tools / Methodology.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree in Engineering or related field with 6 years of relevant industrial experience


  • Diploma in Engineering or related field with 8 years of relevant industrial experience
  • Certified Green Belt
  • Certified Black  Belt (Preferable)
  • Exposure to some BI tools like 5S, OEE, Process capability or RCA Green & Black Belt  experience
  • Deep leadership, consulting, technical BI and change management skills.
  • knowledge of Business improvement practice


Consult to the Departmental leadership to define proper scope of projects

  • In consultation with BI Leader define the project charter as per needs of Sponsor.
  • Validate Baseline and conduct SIPOC, stakeholder analysis.
  • Set objectives; plan the tasks and activities; determine the resource requirements; determine the timeline and the sequencing.
  • Prepare and present Define Gate Review.

Execute Moderate Level Business Improvement projects to maximize Business

Value in terms of all 6 Pillars.

  • Apply Lean Six Sigma Methodology (DMAIC) to deliver Projects aimed at improving

Value of 6 Pillars (cost reduction or profit increase, reduction in cycle time, Reduce Variation, Improve safety etc.)

  • Define the problem, the voice of the customer, and the project goals, Boundaries, Resources, Stakeholders etc.
  • Measure key aspects of the current process and collect relevant data (decision based on facts by proper validation of data).
  • Analyze the data to identify Root Causes and verify cause-and-effect relationships. Determine the relationships, and ensure that all factors have been considered. Ensure usage of proper tools.
  • Improve or optimize the current process based on data analysis using techniques such as Brain Storming, design of experiments, poka yoke or mistake proofing, and standardized work, Solution Prioritization etc.
  • Set up pilot runs to validate results (use PDCA approach)
  • Implement control systems such as statistical process control, production boards, Proper SOP / PM Plans and visual workplaces
  • Validate results after implementation of all actions
  • Conduct gate reviews with sponsor for each step of DMAIC
  • Manage project documentation and reporting as per BI SA rules Evaluate & validate Financial impacts.

Develop / Coach and train employees to build Business Improvement culture

  • Execute BI strategy for engaging people through Training / Coaching.
  • Coach Green Belts for certification and help them in delivering initial projects.
  • Customize Training modules as per departmental requirements when required.
  • Develop and provide Training modules based on BI Tools as per organizational needs.
  • Execute the SA Omanisation strategy by transferring BI skills and knowledge to local people.

Develop own professional skills and BI know–how to accelerate own professional

development and the skill and capability of the team; support team development

Actively develop own (and BI team) knowledge and skills

  • Learn from others (eg: learn about the business by talking to experts)
  • Constantly update own knowledge of BI techniques and world’s best practice by reading and consulting with colleagues and professional networks
  • Under direction from the Leader, independently learn about one aspect of BI or Plant operations (ie: become the team subject matter expert); share the knowledge
  • Through Projects in various areas, develop own knowledge base.




  • The closing date for sending your application is 25th November 2017
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted
  • Please send your application with the job reference number in the subject line to


Job Reference no:  SA-007/2017


Quality, Strategy and Value Creation


Quality, Strategy and Value Creation Manager

Job Purpose

Overall management of Business Improvement activities which includes Strategy, Value Creation, Operational

Development and Quality in an ISO/Customers perspective.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree in Science / Engineering plus 10 years of relevant working experience


  • Diploma in Science / Engineering plus 14 years of relevant experience
  • Black Belt certification
  • Experience in being a change agent
  • Experience in manufacturing
  • Smelting experience is preferred
  • Experience in managing people and groups in various levels of the organization
  • Excellent English
  • Analytical, good leadership, excellent communication skills and interpersonal relations as a whole and a keen interest in understanding business and operations
  • Excellent influencing skills and persuasiveness


Manages the Quality, Strategy and Value Creation Department

  • Drafts the annual BI objectives and ensures there is an implementation plan which is tracked.
  • Ensures appropriate allocation and distribution of work/responsibilities, delegates tasks and monitors progress of BI activities
  • Designs and leads the implementation of the plant strategic plan, communicates KPIs and targets to the Department and cascades down the targets via specific individual targets in the performance management system
  • Evaluates performance of BI personnel and identifies improvement needs
  • Consolidates reports of the Department and represents in management discussions and planning
  • Makes final decision on all Department matters and problem-solving requirements
  • Ensures the creation and communication of all BI policies and procedures
  • Ensures that programs and systems are in line with best practice implementation. Ensure audits are in place for the sustainability of the BI events and solutions implemented.
  • Benchmarks with industry standards and ensures a world-class BI practices

Responsible for the company-wide design, implementation and management of all Strategy Quality and Value Creation programs and services

  • Leads and manages the strategy for BI across the whole site
  • Leads the annual activity of developing the Strategic Plan
  • Consolidates the Strategic Plan update quarterly. Track deviation and raise issue to the appropriate level.
  • Designs training plans for key personnel to develop in terms of BI skills (Six Sigma, Lean etc)
  • Facilitates regular progress sessions with the BI resources to ensure the focus of improving the business is maintained (Project Charter)
  • Leads and manages the Value Creation system ensuring it is a continuous process, including tracking at the site level.
  • Ensures the operational / process training needs are met by continuously adapting to the customer’s needs including training plans and progress reports, manages the customer/supplier relationship in terms of monthly meetings.
  • Ensures all Quality related issues are tracked effectively, ISO and Customer Complaints
  • Acts as a change agent for many initiatives across the site

Operational Development

  • Support best operating practices, like ‘How We Operate’ initiative, for all operational and maintenance departments ensuring each department is progressing as planned. Hold regular reviews.

Action the SA Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) procedures to maintain high

EHS standards

  • Daily safety interactions to cover all areas of the plant on a regular basis
  • Offers improvement ideas/solutions for EHS related issues
  • Ensures the Lean Toolbox drives EHS improvements across all levels of the organization
  • Maintains SA housekeeping standards in his/her work area.
  • Accountable for the development of management leadership skill, like ‘Develop to Lead’ Leadership Stream, to ensure the operational and maintenance supervisors and superintendents soft skills keep developing.
  • Ensure reliable system for SOP review and KPIs related
  • Develop a system for refresher training to sustain best operating practices in place




  • The closing date for sending your application is 25th Nov 2017
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted
  • Please send your application with the job reference number in the subject line to

Job Reference no: SA-008/2017


Power Plant Maintenance


Mechanical Analyst

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering with 3 years of relevant work experience


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 5 years of relevant work experience


Under supervision, analyse reliability problems on standard Area equipment and prepare recommendations to optimize reliability

  • Gather reliability and maintenance data through (1) field observation, (2) analysis of data from the control systems (eg: print
  • the fault codes and review), (3) watching the performance of the equipment (eg: sitting in front of the monitor and observing
  • how the equipment is running)
  • Apply analysis methods for determining the reliability of components, equipment and processes, using defined engineering
  • techniques and following standard formats and precedent
  • Perform engineering calculations involving relatively simple tests on less-complicated system details
  • Prepare diagrams, charts, drawings, calculations and reports for defining reliability problems. Submit work for review by
  • senior engineers. (The Job-Holder takes data and turns it into knowledge. Others take the knowledge and turn it into action)
  • In consultation with the senior engineers, input to the reliability strategy required for particular situations considering cost, the
  • requirement for equipment up/down time, weight, size, and availability of materials and equipment. Support the team to
  • determine the cost advantages of alternatives and to prepare recommendations
  • Support the development and update SOPs

Gather and analyse reliability data to inform leadership decision-making; report against KPIs

  • Gather reliability and maintenance data
  • Collect and analyse technical feedback from the teams to build an historical maintenance data base
  • Report on the performance of:
    • the equipment (eg: availability, reliability, maintainability)
    • the maintenance function

- in order to improve the maintenance process and plant design

  • Deliver data for the weekly OEE meetings

Provide technical support to the Maintenance teams to enable breakdown diagnostics and repairs to deliver improved equipment reliability and availability. Coach and guide the Technicians

  • Deliver day-to-day technical support for break-down diagnostics and repair. Coach and guide technicians
  • Conduct Risk analyses
  • Analyse reliability problems, applying root cause analysis. Logically and systematically resolve the issue
  • Following diagnosis, prepare the Maintenance Task List, materials requirements (tools, equipment, man-hours)
  • Contribute to projects to improve equipment reliability. Lead small-scale reliability improvement projects
  • Support the senior engineers/Superintendent on annual or major maintenance work

Coach and develop others to build technical capability and to deliver an improvement in Maintenance performance

  • Provide expert support in the training of new employees
  • Coach and guide Technicians

Action the SA Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) routines to maintain high EHS standards

  • Action the SA EHS safety routines
  • Conduct EHS risk assessments on major projects
  • Analyse EHS equipment risks

Analyze and trouble shooting of plant vide single stage pumps, heat exchangers, fans and compressors

  • Analyze mechanical defects in HRSG and MCW system using knowledge of NDT techniques and recommend selection of
  • proper materials of construction and welding electrodes.
  • Support Sr. Engineer / Supdt. in attending to Balance of Plant maintenance issues, CI projects data collection and execution
  • Take lead in major overhauls and apply special skills in lifting heavy equipment such as turbine rotor and MCW pump
  • assemblies.
  • Coach mechanical team members on job to develop in house skills in alignment, vibration analysis and thermography
  • Assume Supervisory role whenever assigned
  • Perform QA/QC of outsourced maintenance jobs





  • The closing date for sending your application is 25th November 2017
  • This position is for Omanis only
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted
  • Please send your application with the job reference number in the subject line to