Maximising its positive impact in community services, Sohar Aluminium (SA) launched its annual Ramadan Charity Drive that promotes and encourages the spirit of charity and employee volunteering across the company.




As part of this campaign volunteers from SA worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and various charity groups in Sohar and Liwa and identified 200 needy families in the Wilayats of Sohar and Liwa. Employees and their families are encouraged to donate during this holy month by depositing money into collection boxes which SA then doubles to maximize the benefit from this charity campaign.



These donations are used to purchase coupons from local grocery shops and distributed to the families to be redeemed for their essential needs for Ramadan and Eid.



More than 20 employees from SA volunteered for this initiative to share the blessings of the holy month with the community, covering all the villages in both Wilayats.



SA has always been a leader when it comes to community services and employees volunteering. A large number of its employees have played prominent roles in launching community awareness campaigns and supporting the community in deeply impactful ways. Due to this high interest in volunteering activities, SA runs its own SA Volunteering Program which is tailored around the skills and talents of SA staff to support communities, build their capabilities and deliver growth and long-term value for the community of the Al Batinah Region.



The Holy Month of Ramadan is a month of humbleness and sharing and the Ramadan Charity Drive is emblematic of the SA’s commitment to add value to the community where it operates. This commitment is embedded in the company’s Business Strategy through its Corporate Citizenship pillar.  Sohar Aluminium would like to thank all its employees for their earnest participation and generous contribution during Ramadan Charity Campaign.