Sohar, June 2015 – In recognition of its steadfast commitment to protecting the eco-system, Sohar Aluminium (SA) was honored by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility for its environmental excellence during the recent Best Environmental Initiatives Awards held in the United Arab Emirates.

The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility presented SA with the prestigious accolade for demonstrating its deeply rooted environmental ethos within its world-class operations as well as the wider community. The recognized initiatives included SA’s exceptional Waste Management Strategy, the Sohar Aluminium Coral Reef Cleaning Campaign which was led by 35 volunteers from SA to clean reefs of Khor Al Siyabi, Al Suwaihra, Ghail Al Shubool, Al Uwainat and Majazz as well as the highly successful Sohar Battery Collection Campaign that Sohar Aluminium was a part of.



“Since Sohar Aluminium was established in 2004, we have been taking rigorous measures to operate a ‘Zero Harm’ operation that has all environmental aspects, including waste, water, air and community involvement at its forefront,” said Eng. Said Al Masoudi, CEO of SA. “Receiving this award further motivates us to continue working hard towards being the best and leading by example through environmental stewardship.”



Sohar Aluminium’s aggressive stance to protecting the environment has been translated into numerous initiatives including waste reduction by recycling, process improvement through research and raising awareness both internally and externally through education and training. Furthermore, SA has successfully expanded its green footprint by planting trees within its premises and involved various other initiatives in the community.



Last year, the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility bestowed SA with the Excellence Award for its exceptional performance in Corporate Social Responsibility.