One of the most eagerly awaited events for Sohar Aluminium employees, the Annual Fun Run was held recently with a large number of participants participating. The Fun Run is an annual event held to promote good health and encourage people to exercise to stay fit.


The event, having two categories: running and walking, saw healthy competition with good camaraderie amongst all the athletes and the winners in the various categories proudly carried home their trophies. The event was open for employees and their families making it a fun day for all participants. Students and staff from Al Batinah International School (ABIS) were also invited to participate in the Fun Run with separate categories for children below the age of 16. The Fun Run has firmly established itself as an annual event on Sohar Aluminium’s calendar since 2011.




 “The aim of this annual event, in particular, is to encourage employees to improve their physical fitness by engaging them in an enjoyable activity. It is also important to spread awareness of the benefits of good health and an active lifestyle to our future generation and the involvement of ABIS students reinforces this message.” commented Mr Said Al Masoudi, CEO of Sohar Aluminium.




Sohar Aluminium firmly believes that people are its number one priority and thus has a number of events and initiatives spread throughout the year focusing on its employees, their families and the wider community. This comes as a part of SA’s series of Key Stakeholder Engagement Events which were launched in high footfall locations in 2014. These family oriented events give a personal face to the industry and constitute an excellent platform for sharing the company values and communicating vital messages such as “Keep your Hands & Fingers Safe” and “Anti-littering” with members of the surrounding community.




The ABIS was setup in 2008 by Sohar Aluminium to meet the growing demand for a quality international education for students in the Al Batinah Region. The students and staff regularly participate in various activities conducted by Sohar Aluminium.