Sohar Aluminium (SA) recently held its annual ceremony for its employee recognition scheme ‘Mumtaz’, to recognize the efforts of its employees, and reward them for contributing to the company’s achievements in 2014. The event, which was attended by Eng. Said Mohammed Al Masoudi, CEO of SA, SA Executive Committee (ExCo), Managers as well as employees who work across different departments, highlighted some of the major achievement made in 2014.

Addressing the gathering, Eng. Said Al Masoudi, said “Our People’s Passion for Excellence plays a key role in achieving our vision to Be the Best, embodying the values we live by”, Said then added “Knowing that our business can only be as good as our people, we dedicate our success to them”.



“Through competitive benefits, continuous competency improvements, strong internal communication and wide business literacy we seek to achieve the best business outcomes, and sustain our position as the Employer of Choice” Said continued.



Sohar Aluminium fosters an environment that encourages working and celebrating success together as teams thus leading to an excellent and highly efficient workforce that continues to achieve new milestones.



The Sohar Aluminium Mumtaz Scheme is an example of the harmonious synergy between its workforce and management, in that staff who demonstrate outstanding achievements beyond their call of duty within the company or their communities are recognized.



At the event Sohar Aluminium ExCo also announced the launch of its revamped Employee Recognition scheme now called ‘Mumtaz Club’. The Mumtaz Club has been tailored to fit SA’s culture and is made to be more dynamic giving a chance to all employees to take part in it.



This new scheme has been the result of many months of preparation that focused on ensuring that a recognition scheme brings back value to the team as well as rewards individual excellence. A committee was formed to listen and observe what motivates the employees to contribute to the success of the business. This resulted in revamping the employee recognition scheme and amplifying its impact.