Sohar Aluminium recently held a special event, namely the ‘Mumtaz’ annual ceremony, to recognize the efforts of its employees, and reward them for contributing to the company’s achievements in 2013. The event, which was attended by Eng. Said Mohammed Al Masoudi, CEO of SA, the Executive Committee (ExCo), Managers as well as employees who work across different departments, highlighted some of the major achievement made in 2013.


The evening was not only about showing appreciation, but was aimed at involving each employee in the evolving progress of SA. SA believes that each person has transformed from being a mere employee to members of a large family that have been the driving force of the SA’s business – a key pillar to achieving success.


Addressing the gathering, Eng. Said Al Masoudi, said “The achievements made by Sohar Aluminium in 2013 have been the result of the dedication of its employees who have contributed to SA’s success while firmly believing in our Vision - Passion for Excellence, Be the Best.” He further exhorted the team to continue their efforts over the coming years to propel Sohar Aluminium to becoming a benchmark smelter worldwide.


SA fully believes that its most important asset is its staff. Fully understanding that the success of any organisation is constructed through the efforts of its employees, SA has put the development of its employees at the forefront of its business strategy. SA is committed to providing the right training and the right environment to ensure that its employees work together in a spirit of cooperation, competition and team spirit.


The Sohar Aluminium Mumtaz Scheme is an example of the harmonious synergy between its workforce and management, in that staff who demonstrate outstanding achievements beyond their call of duty within the company or their communities are recognized.


Sohar Aluminium also focuses on number important issues outside of its production such as development of its local community. Omanisation, which currently stands at 72% of its workforce, is a driving force within the organisation.  The development of its young employees is paramount and with that in mind, Sohar Aluminium has launched a training academy which will give each and every employee the opportunity for further learning.