As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for the health sector, Sohar Aluminium supported the launching of Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association (OHBDA) that aims to protect and prevent against hereditary blood diseases.  

Dr. Hilal Bin Abdullah Al-Hinai, Director General of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at Sohar Aluminium said: "The support provided by SA to the association aims to promote the role played by non-governmental organizations in raising health awareness among people.

The association also aims to strengthen the roles played by these non-governmental establishments in raising the awareness of the public and preserving their health. Sohar Aluminium believes in the importance of community partnership between the private sector s and the non-governmental health establishments.” 

Mr. Al-Hinai stated: “The role of OHBDA is very significant. We support the efforts exerted by these health authorities to raise public health awareness about the severity of these health diseases resulting from some traditional practices and customs like endogamy" 

“The establishment of this association will be an educational link between the patients, their relatives and the association. It will significantly contribute in early detection and prevention these diseases. The main aim of our support for the association is to establish the culture of early investigation to reduce the spread of blood hereditary disorders."