On 12 March 2011, Sohar Aluminium handed over a cheque in the amount of OMR 2,000 to Al Suwaiq Wali’s office to contribute to the eradication of illiteracy in Oman- a project initiated by the Ministry of Education targeting adult illiteracy in Al Batinah Region. 

Sohar Aluminium strongly believes that education in Oman is the right of each individual and is proud to support this worthy programme in the Willayates of Sohar, Al Khabourah and Suwaiq.  This initiative also reflects the magnitude of commitment Sohar Aluminium maintains towards supporting Education in the Al Batinah Region. 

Present at the ceremony was Sheik Abdullah Al Buraiki, Deputy of the Al Suwaiq Wali and Saoud Al Ishaqi, the Corporate Responsibility Officer at Sohar Aluminium.  

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Saoud Al Ishaqi from Sohar Aluminium hands over a cheque to Sheikh Abdullah Al Buraiki, Deputy Assistant of the Al Suwaiq Wali’s Office.