Sohar Aluminium Employees completed 884 Man-hours of Community volunteering initiatives in 2016, setting a new record for the Company.

Engineer Said Al Masoudi, Sohar Aluminium’s Chief Executive Officer said: “We firmly believes in supporting and giving back to the local community where we operate through encouraging our employees into community volunteering. These commitments establish Corporate Citizenship as one of the core Business Pillars of SA’s Business Strategy.” Said continued: “Since its initiation, Sohar Aluminium’s mission has been to bring wealth, prosperity and growth to the Al Batinah region through excellence and ownership. We take pride in contributing to the social development of the region and we thank our ambassadors of good deeds who have brought great value to our community.”

Sohar Aluminium’s Corporate Citizenship Champion, Mrs. Dana Geadah said: “Seeing the employees’ high interest in community volunteering, we launched the Sohar Aluminium Volunteering Program in 2014. We encouraged employees to come up with ideas for causes that they feel strongly about, and support communities through their areas of expertise. Since then the program has gone from strength to strength. A large number of employees played a big role in launching excellent awareness campaigns and addressing community needs in deeply impactful ways. The greatest sacrifice you can give is your time and care to those in need.”

The Sohar Aluminium Volunteering Program is now recognized as one of the most active and outstanding community service programs in the region. This is all due to the commitment, devotion and willingness of the employees who have been actively participating and initiating various activities to support the community.

The initiatives are tailored around the employees’ skills and areas of expertise to promote the company’s ‘Zero Harm’ mind-set in the local community, care for the wellbeing of its members and preserve the integrity of the environment. Employees who are interested in volunteering are continually influencing and shaping the program to maximize its benefits, and serve the society at large.

The SA Volunteering Program continues strongly in 2017 with a number of new activities which have been announced. These activities include large community engagement events where employees share the company’s values with members of the surrounding community such as road safety, anti-littering and healthy lifestyle. These family oriented events communicate vital messages towards a safer and healthier environment through games and quizzes to spread awareness in a fun and entertaining way.

Activities will also include first aid trainings for academic institutions, breast cancer, diabetes and heart diseases awareness campaigns in remote areas around Sohar and Liwa. Sohar Aluminium’s award winning Heat Management Campaign will continue this year to build a culture of high safety standards among its employees, contractors, and the community throughout the Sultanate. Several activities will be launched during Ramadan including a charity drive, visits to families in remote villages during Eid, visits to patients in Sohar Hospital and others. Visits will also be conducted to the handicapped and the blind care centres in the area.

The SA’s annual coral reefs and fishing Ports cleaning campaign has also been scheduled towards the third quarter of the year, along with many cleaning and maintenance campaigns for public beaches and parks.